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Re: FF58 Status bar missing (Mac)

On 01/29/2018 10:59 AM, Tanstaafl wrote:
On 1/26/2018, 4:38:36 PM, Caver1 <caver1@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 01/26/2018 02:37 PM, Ormail wrote:
And if I want the Status bar to be visible always regardless, how do I get
that configured?
Is there an about:config option to set?


#browser-bottombox { height: 20px; border-top: solid 1px #505050; }
	.browserContainer>statuspanel { left: 4px !important; bottom: 0px;
transition-duration: 0s !important; transition-delay: 0s !important; }
	.browserContainer>statuspanel>.statuspanel-inner>.statuspanel-label {
margin-left: 0px !important; border: none !important; padding: 0px
!important; }
	window[inFullscreen="true"] #browser-bottombox { display:none !important; }
..browserContainer>statuspanel[type="overLink"] .statuspanel-label {
display:none !important; }

The only problem I found with this is that it is always visible but not
usable as far as putting extension buttons on it. You will see URLs
while you are hovering over a link.
So I see no need for this. I haven't found anything better.

Hmmm... so, two questions...

Is it possible to set it so that it only pops up when the mouse moves
(ie, so it hides itself after a few seconds of inactivity, then pops up
when the mouse moves)?

And related - I wonder how FoxClocks Addon is doing it?


I have it installed now in FF 58, and the Statusbar is always up, and
the FoxClocks stuff is displayed inside it, so it must be possible
somehow? I would love a way to set it to autohide when there is no
activity, because it hides the very bottom portion of the window,
sometimes obscuring buttons at the bottom.

I'll also go ask the FoxClocks dev about this...

I just tried FoxClocks in FF57 Ubuntu16.04 and the only time I could get the status bar to show is when I had FoxClocks options open. as soon as I closed options then the status bar disappeared.

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