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Re: Mozilla is evil!

On 2018-01-28 20:38, Arnie Goetchius wrote:
Desiree wrote:
On 1/22/2018 8:30 PM, Poutnik wrote:
Dne 23/01/2018 v 06:54 Good Guy napsal(a):

Please ESR release to solve your problem:

ESR stands for Extended Support Release that is mainly for Corporates
but there is nothing to stop you from using it.

Until early June when a new major FF ESR comes.
Then one will have either finally jump either stop updating.

But it definitely saves some time to decide what path to take.

No, we have until August 28 before Fx 52.x ESR reaches end of life. On August 29, Mozilla will
offer/install the new version Fx 60.1.0 ESR via internal push.  You cannot get the new version until
then (unless you don't use internal updating of Fx).


Will I be able to refuse the "offer/install the new version.." ?

Yes. Block automatic updates:

Menu Bar - Tools - Options - Advanced - Updates - select either "Never check ..." or "Check but let me choose".

You can download the new (or any) version separately without installing it. You'll have the install package in your downloads folder, is all.


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