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Re: MalwareBytes blocking?

David E. Ross wrote:
On 1/28/2018 11:08 AM, jetjock wrote:

Ever since I installed FF ESR on my wife's computer, she has been getting notices from MWB that it has blocked an attempted connection. (See attachment). I put the same ESR version on my computer, but have had no problems. I did a Whois on the sites, and the most prevalent is Fastly, next was GoDaddy and finally Arax... something. Can't remember and apparently the address didn't get copied. If anyone has any ideas about what to do about this, I'd appreciate them. These are all outgoing attempts by FF.

If you have the paid version of Malwarebytes, go to its [Settings >
Exclusions] and set exclusions for the affected Web domains.  If you
have the free version, you cannot exclude Web domains; but in that case,
Malwarebytes should not be running in the background to detect Web sites.

I do have the paid version. Are you sure they can be whitelisted? Why would MWB be blocking them? They don't appear to be malicious sites, but there must be some reason MWB is blocking access to them.


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