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Re: The Many Faces (And Names) of Mozilla

On 22 Jan 2018 at 19:19, Daniel wrote:

> Wolf K wrote:
> <Snip>
> > People who kvetch about browsers should be forced to go back to 
> > pre-browser times, just to get an idea of how good they have it.
> For me it's people who bitch about how slow their current-day computers 
> are!! Try an 8086 CPU with a 4.7 MHz (yes, MHz) clock!! Or an Apple IIE 
> clone!
> Switch on your computer, go make yourself a cup of Tea and then go out 
> to Dinner and come back and the computer might have booted ... well, 
> almost!! ;-)
> -- 
> Daniel

That wasn't my experience. My 8086 machine booted much faster than my present 
one, mainly because it didn't have to bother with Windoze, just load in DOS 3.3 
(which originally came on a single floppy installation disc so it was quite 
small), followed (automatically) by GWBasic to run a menu program I wrote and 
we were in business. Of course it had far less capability after booting, but 
actual boot and shut down were much faster.

Jim Fisher

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