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Re: The Many Faces (And Names) of Mozilla

On 2018-01-20 19:29, Ant wrote:
On 1/20/2018 12:26 PM, Michael Gordon wrote:
That was a time of very interesting history, the Netscape Navigator, to Netscape Communicator, to Mozilla Suite, and the split into three related offspring, Thunderbird, and Firefox.  I began my Internet experience with Netscape Navigator.

Along the way we had a great deal of fun with the Communicator series with very vivid e-mail exchanges, see the attachment for an example.

I started with Netscape v2 IIRC when I was in college. :)

My first browser was Mosaic. before that, I did a bit of Kermiting on a friend's computer. Another friend set up a BBS locally, but I didn't do BBS for some reason.

People who kvetch about browsers should be forced to go back to pre-browser times, just to get an idea of how good they have it.
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