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Re: New Thunderbird "Look" Survey

On 2018-01-17 09:18, Tanstaafl <tanstaafl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Wed Jan 17 2018 01:22:24 GMT-0500, B00ze <B00ze64@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Well, maybe you'll like it, or maybe you are like me and prefer the old
interface (the older the better, TB2 looked real good). Tell Thunderbird
what you think:


Personally, I think the message list in the screenshot is so spaced-out
it will be useless; the calendar "gauge" is just confusing, and I'm not
a big fan of the dark folder list. It looks a bit like one of
Microsoft's crap Apps that come with Windows 10.

One thing I just don't understand is all the hubbub...

It's important for us to give feedback, hence I posted the survey here...

It is just a THEME, for chrissake, it is NOT a 'new interface', unless
you consider it in that context.

Yes, it's just a theme, but it will become the default and then maybe the ONLY one, one day. I'm with you and David, I prefer my current theme (Ignore Aero) which is basically TB3 (there is also a TB2 theme out there, which looks awesome, but it has a bug). I think maybe what's important is that when they reprogram TB, they provide a full-theme API; screw Firefox and its "no theme allowed" mentality.

I personally hate it, but I also understand 'different strokes for
different folks', and if someone decides to try to make it the new
default theme, I certainly hope they keep the existing one as a
secondary for those of us who don't like it.


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