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Re: No Super Bowl this year for any of my teams

On Wed, 17 Jan 2018 08:01:42 -0500, in mozilla.general, Frank wrote: 

>> What sort of price do you mean by "outrageous prices", Frank??
>> I often go to Day two of the cricket test (December 27) at the Melbourne 
>> Cricket Ground, http://www.mcg.org.au/things-to-do/mcg-tour , where one 
>> of my cousins is a "Member". Daily Members ticket costs me AU$50.00.
>> Last time I went to the Australian Rules Football (to see my team, 
>> Essendon, get beaten by Hawthorn!!) there, about fifteen years ago, a 
>> ticket in the "outer" cost me about AU$22.00 Don't know what they would 
>> cost now!
>I don't go to games but kids brag when they get tickets for less than 
>$100.  The eagles playoff tickets, if you could get any are maybe less 
>than $1,000 for cheap seats and well over that for the good ones.

Here in Chicago, you basically have to know someone very well connected
to get within 12 miles of Soldier Field on game day.

Which is hilarious, because the games have just been painful lately.

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