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Re: New Thunderbird "Look" Survey

On 1/17/2018 at 11:50 AM, EE created this epitome of digital genius:
B00ze wrote:
Good day.

Well, maybe you'll like it, or maybe you are like me and prefer the old interface (the older the better, TB2 looked real good). Tell Thunderbird what you think:


Personally, I think the message list in the screenshot is so spaced-out it will be useless; the calendar "gauge" is just confusing, and I'm not a big fan of the dark folder list. It looks a bit like one of Microsoft's crap Apps that come with Windows 10.


Why did that survey page not load with SeaMonkey?  I had to use Pale Moon to access it.

Loaded fine here with SM 2.49.1.

Ed Mullen
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