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Re: No Super Bowl this year for any of my teams

T wrote:

> On 01/15/2018 04:24 PM, Caver1 wrote:
>> On 01/15/2018 07:18 PM, T wrote:
>>> On 01/15/2018 09:59 AM, WaltS48 wrote:
>>>> Not the Bills, not the Saints and not the Steelers. 😭
>>>> Time to focus on Hockey and Snooker.
>>> No Packers.  Man Arron Rodgers when got injured it showed just how
>>> much the offense had to make up for their consistently horrible
>>> defense.
>> When Arron got hurt I told my wife. There goes the season.  :'(
> Even if he didn't get hurt, the Packers defense was so bad I don't think
> Arron could have made up for it.  But, oh buy, did it show up with Arron
> gone.

Boys, his name is Aaron. Two As, one R. You might be thinking of the 
golfer named Arron Oberholser.

"Aaron" is the common way to spell the name; "Arron" is far less common.
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