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Re: Sign something important: Manifesto Election without Lula is fraud

Em 14-01-2018 03:13, Hartdonor escreveu:
This is of parochial interest to Brazilian citizens who support Lula
and that's it. This is far too narrow an audience to make it
appropriate for discussion here.

You are wrong! Clearly wrong.

Four Latin ex-presidents signed the manifesto, as I have said here three days ago: (Argentinean) Cristina Kirchner, (Uruguayan) José Mujica, (Ecuadorian) Rafael Correa, (Colombian) Ernesto Samper.

Ricardo Lagos, a fifth Latin ex-president, Chilean, not only signed it, but also made a publication pointing several aspects of our (Brasil's) current situation, and also in some countries around the whole world with similar characteristics. People may want to read that, it is in Spanish, and there is a comment which translated it to Portuguese:

1. Reshare in Lula's profile, which contains the comment with the translation to Portuguese of Ricardo Lagos' publication:


2. Ricardo Lagos' publication, with comments at least in Spanish and Portuguese:


Several people from many countries in all Americas signed. Several people from Europe signed the manifesto too. There are people from all over the world signing this manifesto!

You consider it narrow, I do not care, and I disagree with that sentence. I consider it important to say here, to say everywhere.


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