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Re: [poetry] Viver

Em 12-01-2018 12:01, PietB escreveu:
Ray_Net wrote:
B o wrote:
PietB escreveu:
Endegee wrote:
...and you think this is funny. (not) PLONK


I am not Gerard. What happened is that Walt's question was so absurd
that made me laugh... and I decided to write that.

Plonk is not something good to do to others. ):

tu ne mérite pas mieux qu'on te plonke

Right. That's what happens to newsgroup polluting jerks trying
in vain to escape killfiles by frequent nymshifting.

I do not think my posts, starting discussions or just part of others' discussions, ever polluted this group. If someone does not like what I post, please ignore me. That is all that should be done. Else, my posts fit a general newsgroup, as I have seen appropriate here.

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