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Re: Sign something important: Manifesto Election without Lula is fraud

Balaco ocalaB wrote, on 09 Jan 18 23:29:

My signature mentioning things being off-topic is a scar of the
experience I had in support Mozilla's groups. There is no problem at all
in posting my message here. Maybe it was that what made you want to make
this reply - which makes me a bit sad, although I do not mind you
exposing your opinion.

What I consider unaccepatable is using a tech forum to try and get people to sign up for politically motivated 'manifestos'; if they do so on appropriate forums, that's their right, but please leave Mozilla forums out of this.

And you are miss informed about Brasil. Lula's judgement, the phase that
already happened, did *not* consider any proof, because they do not
exist; and it also did not consider any signal of anything wrong or
illegal because they also do not exist. Lula has always done things very
openly and without anything wrong. His first judgement was made in a
completely political biased choice, and not much beyound that. There are
several things to prove there is no problem. These things are even
public now, I may show them to you, if you want.

You may search yourself, but today there has been even a book, made by a
politically informed person, that analyses the whole situation in much
more aspects than we usually see. The book analyses details of the
judgement, the arguments used by the judge, and several things to show
how this situation is a break with some of our institutions. This book
was launched some weeks ago.

My personal opinions on this matter may have let slip the "shady politician", but after getting the full-blown text you sent, I may have thought it at least as apt as the original text.

And I AM a Brazilian, and strongly disagree with your assessment -- but, as I said, I think this is NOT an appropriate forum for this, so let's drop it, shall we?


s) Alexander Yudenitsch   <alexyu@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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