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Re: Chrome is turning into the new Internet Explorer 6

My bloviated meandering follows what PietB graced us with on 1/8/2018 7:34 AM:
Sailfish wrote:
I am similarly equipped. In addition to those 3, also have SM; although, I rarely find a need for it. My primary browser is Fx52ESR.

My default browser is PM, my primary fallback FF52ESR, and secondary SM.
No Chrome and no plans to install it either. As yet I haven't come across
a site that doesn't work in PM, let alone one claiming to require Chrome.
There's a fair chance though that I'm not interested in those sites and
thus don't come across them.

I had installed PM awhile back but it didn't support some of my add-ons and de-supported some of Fx's features so I uninstalled it.

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