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Re: Chrome is turning into the new Internet Explorer 6

On 1/8/18 4:28 AM, PietB wrote:
WaltS48 wrote:
PietB wrote:
Sailfish wrote:
The primary use for me is for PDF files and printing support
in that Fx is seriously lacking in both of those.
I fail to see why I'd have a browser handle pdf files.
I leave that up to dedicated software like Foxit Reader.
I prefer reading my utility bills in my browser with the built-in
PDF viewer. I only have to download one of them because it doesn't
open in the browser.
Are you telling me that you have *all* pdf's, including ones
stored locally on your computer, handled by FF?


I didn't, but yes I could have them all open in the browser.

I had to right click on the file, select Open With > Other Application, then search for Firefox under View All Applications, then activate the Select button and the file opened in Firefox.

Firefox is now in the list of Open With context menu items.

Thanks for the improvement.

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