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Re: Chrome is turning into the new Internet Explorer 6

On 1/7/18 4:18 AM, PietB wrote:
Sailfish wrote:
The primary use for me is for PDF files and printing support
in that Fx is seriously lacking in both of those.
I fail to see why I'd have a browser handle pdf files.
I leave that up to dedicated software like Foxit Reader.


I prefer reading my utility bills in my browser with the built-in PDF viewer. I only have to download one of them because it doesn't open in the browser.

I rarely have a need to fill or print any forms.

The built-in PDF viewer in Firefox Nightly handles printing, downloading, viewing as thumbnails, a list and can show attachments. Copy or view in a new window, view full screen, rotate, has a text selection tool, a hand tool, zoom controls and can show document properties.

Just checked and the same features are in the Firefox 57 PDF viewer.

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