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Re: Meltdown and Spectre: Here’s what Intel, Apple, Microsoft, others are doing about it

My bloviated meandering follows what Caver1 graced us with on 1/5/2018
8:37 AM:
REF: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/04/intel-ceo-reportedly-sold-shares-after-the-company-already-knew-about-massive-security-flaws.html

[excerpt quote=\"
o Intel CEO Brian Krzanich sold off a large chunk of his stake in the company after the chipmaker was made aware of serious security flaws, according to multiple reports

o An SEC filing last November showed Krzanich sold off about 644,000 shares by exercising his options and another roughly 245,700 shares he already owned

o That reduced Krzanich's total number of shares to 250,000, which is the bare minimum that an Intel CEO should own, according to The Motley Fool
\" /]

I'm not too upset about the bug itself* After all, bugs are a way of life with computing. What does bother me is when I read about Intel CEO Brian Krzanich allegedly using insider trading to short-sell his stock.

* unless we find out later that the chip manufacturers pulled a Pinto move, i.e., knew all along that the speculative execution code had the security hole but implemented it anyway in order to get the ~30% performance gain.

If true, he ought to be behind bars. Also, considering that Intel stock will most assuredly rise, what with people now being force to upgrade their systems, the SEC should keep a close eye on Mr. Krzanich to see if he attempts to reacquire those short-sell stocks just ahead of announcing the fixed processor availability.

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