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Re: Firefox: how to force it to *never* close a window withtout confirming?

Em 03-01-2018 16:50, Balaco ocalaB escreveu:
I had a private window with several pages opened. Possibly, for a lack
of other explanation, I accidentaly clicked in this window close button
and it... closed! As I did now to test.

How do I make Firefox *always* ask before closing any window? Including
private windows! (even a window with no open tabs, I want it to ask me)

Is it a setting? Another extension is necessary? Or what?

Useful, but does NOT avoid what I (also) want and need:

(it is a boolean value)

(found at:

With that setting, we can close a private window with several tabs
opened without any question. That is not wanted, as I said.

I could not find anything better. Solutions or suggestions on how to
make a "window close FF action being always confirmed" are welcome.

My browser already has the (another boolean) setting as true:


It also saves the session to restore in cases of crashes or anything. But private tabs, of course, must not be restored by things like this. But I do not want to *easily* lose them by closing the window.
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