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Re: subscription

Em 01-01-2018 12:35, Frank escreveu:
On 1/1/2018 9:23 AM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 01-01-2018 12:01, Frank escreveu:
On 12/31/2017 8:43 PM, 5 wrote:
On 12/31/2017 07:24 PM, Frank wrote:
Cannot find Firefox and Thunderbird groups to subscribe to here.



Thanks, that did it.

What happened here? The steps David said do not work for you?

A question for everyone, including Frank: what is the reason for that
not working, if it did not?

When I go to manage subscriptions on either computer those groups were
not there. 5's worked and asked me if I wanted to subscribe and that
worked.  Maybe I am missing something but I was stymied.

Maybe, but it is very strange. Finding all groups like David described (which is how I also did days or weeks ago) is pretty easy. Maybe there is something wrong. This is why I also asked others' opinions, they might know a possibility to explain.

Which TB version and OS are you using? Mine is 45.8.0.

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