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Re: Firefox: ctrl opens like this, but I *always* want it like this other

Em 01-01-2018 03:32, Michael Gordon escreveu:
On 12/31/2017 5:22 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 31-12-2017 21:00, Big Al escreveu:
On 12/31/2017 05:21 PM, Michael Gordon wrote:
On 12/31/2017 1:02 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 31-12-2017 18:29, Big Al escreveu:
On 12/31/2017 09:22 AM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 31-12-2017 07:56, Big Al escreveu:
On 12/30/2017 11:02 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:

Drag and drop the url is something I wouldn't normally try (or
do). I
will experiment it tomorrou, see how it goes...

You click and hold the very first part of the url bar.  There
are all
sorts of icons there, not the http.. part.  As you drag it
you'll see some sort of indication where you are going to drop it
you let go of mouse.   It's a learned feature.

Accidental discovery: you can drag the tab itself to the favorite
menu! I was moving some tags when I accidentally left the mouse
over the menu for a moment. The menu opened! After that, I tried to
drag it to bookmarks menu, it showed me a small line at the position
the bookmark will (I assume it will, but I did not complete that) be

Did you know that? Easier to "point" than those info icons near the
Do you use the sidebar?
I find that easy to use.

No. What side bar? How do I make it appear?

In my two main FF profiles, the only thing that appears in a side of
the window is the menu with more buttons I can add in the address
bar. The fav/hist/... window has a left part, similar to file
managers. But you seem to talk about a different thing.

Try this process:  At the top left of your browser look for File,
Edit, View, etc.
Left click once on "View" you will see a small menu open with some of
the following choices. Toolbars, Sidebar, Zoom, etc.
With the mouse hover over "Sidebar" and a Context Menu will open for
you to select a specific content.  Content like Bookmarks, or
History.  Left click on your choice and a sidebar will open on the
left side of the browser showing you the content of that selection.
This is supposed to be where you can drag and drop easily.

You can right click on the toolbar (where the url and other icons are)
and pick customize.  If you like the side bar you can add that icon to
the toolbar and make it easier to turn on/off.

The customize there was known. It is what I used to add the star (Edit
Bookmark), which may add one if that is what "edit" means for a page.
Only now I noted there is a *different* button right of that star. But
they are always highlighted together! That is: when my mouse cursor is
over the star, the other button is like if the cursor was over it too!

Look at their "shared focus":

That made me conclude (wrong!) that it was a fat button! In these last
minutes, playing, I discovered:

1. The star hint is "edit bookmark (ctrl+d)", and I used it several
times for this thread;

2. The button hint is "show your bookmarks (ctrl+shift+f)", but
clicking of it is *not* the same as ctrl+shift+f! Clicking on it shows
*exactly* the bookmarks menu I have in the menu bar! I do not need
that button there anymore. I like to keep the main menu in my window.

But I cannot remove just the "show b. menu" button. If I click on it
and ask to remove, the star is removed too.


I would keep the star there alone, but that is not possible. FF is a
very weird program. (...)

The only thing that I did not understand in this last post you wrote, is:

If you like the side bar you can add that icon to the toolbar
With FF fully opened look in the top right corner, under the window
control icons, you should see three horizontal bars in a single column
one over the other. That is your "Open Menu" tool.

Correct. I have used this tool before.

Left click this once and a new drop-down menu will appear with some
preselected tools to add to your toolbars.

Correct. Also before, I have even chosen to have some extra tools inside this tool dialog, but not shown all the time in the address toolbar (where I keep just a few tools I use more frequently).

In the bottom left corner of this new menu an icon "Customize", left
click this once and an additional menu appears with a lot more tools to

Correct. Just confirm to me: when we *right click* in a address bar tool button, and choose the menu "customize", is it the same action that appear with the "customize" option you pointed? It seems to be, but I did not compare these two dialogs in all tools each has.

The Show Sidebars tool looks like an old TV set with the picture tube
in the right half and a thin column in the right side.  Drag that
icon to your tool bar and when you click the tool the Sidebars will
open on the left of the browser screen.

I have found that tool before. I tried to find in which message in this discussion I talked about it, but that is not so easy (or fast, at least). But it is something I have seen before.

The problem that made me conclude to be missing a tool in my FF, can be this reasoning, exactly:

1. It was said that: "If you like the side bar, you can add that icon to the toolbar".

2. From what I quoted in 1 here, I expect the tool I am looking for will *directly* add or remove (as a tool acting as a toogle button) the toolbar panel from the left part of FF window.

3. But the tool I have found with the detailed description you very nicely just did, opens a *menu*, and that menu contains an option to toogle the bookmark panel (and the menu also two other toggle options).

Now I think the button I have found probably is the correct tool you pointed me to. But lets confirm that. I have merged, in just one image, parts of 3 screenshots:

- the "show panels" or "show sidebars" tool¹
- this "show panels" tool's menu (left click on it once)
- the main menu we see when going to View > Panel
- in the shots, there are light blue arrows pointing the "show panel" tool, which is highlighted (mouse cursor pointed to it) only in the two first shots

¹ This tool name in English should be exactly the "show sidebars". The name I have said a few time in this discussion is different *only* because the names I say here are *my translation* of Portuguese words I see in FF to English words. So I may choose synonyms or other words with a similar meaning to the ones you have. What I repeatedly wrote as "panel", may always be "sidebar" in the English FF language.

[ 3 merged shots ]

-> In this image: "Mostrar painéis" means "show panels" or "show sidebars"; "Favoritos" means "bookmarks"; "Histórico" means "History"; "Exibir" means "View"; "Painel" means "panel".

Again, the main, but not unique, question of this message: I expected to find a tool that will, directly and only, toogle the bookmarks panel (like CTRL+B shortcut does in my FF); you (and also Big Al in the previous messages) pointed a tool that will *have a menu* with 3 toggle options, one of them being the bookmarks panel. The tool I imagined and expected does not exist. Is this correct?

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