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On 12/31/2017 7:24 PM, Frank wrote:
> Cannot find Firefox and Thunderbird groups to subscribe to here.
> Frank

1. Select the account for the news.mozilla.org newgroup server.

2. To the right, you will see a list of tasks.  Select "Manage newsgroup

3.  If you recently setup the account for the news.mozilla.org newgroup
server, skip this step.  Otherwise, select the Refresh button on the
Subscribe window and wait until the refresh operation is done.

4.  Scroll down the list of newsgroups until you find the ones you want.

5.  For those to which you want to subscribe, put a checkmark in the
checkbox.  Note:  If there is no checkbox and the name of the newsgroup
is in Italics, that is a hierarchy of newsgroups.  Select the small > to
the left of the name to expand it; you might find that even within the
hierarchy there are subhierarchies.

For example, mozilla.dev uses Italics and has no checkbox.  If you
select the > to the left of mozilla.dev, you will see an expanded list
of more than 40 names.  Near the top of that list is mozilla.dev.aps,
which is in Italics and has no checkbox.  If you select the small > to
the left of mozilla.dev.aps, that will expand mozilla.dev.aps to a list
of nine newsgroups, all of which begin with mozilla.dev.aps.

6.  After you have selected the newsgroups you want, select the OK button.

NOTE:  This same procedure can be used to subscribe to newsgroups on
other servers such as Eternal September (free) and Giganews (paid).

David E. Ross

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