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Re: Firefox: ctrl opens like this, but I *always* want it like this other

Em 31-12-2017 20:21, Michael Gordon escreveu:
On 12/31/2017 1:02 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 31-12-2017 18:29, Big Al escreveu:
On 12/31/2017 09:22 AM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 31-12-2017 07:56, Big Al escreveu:
On 12/30/2017 11:02 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:

Drag and drop the url is something I wouldn't normally try (or do). I
will experiment it tomorrou, see how it goes...

You click and hold the very first part of the url bar.  There are all
sorts of icons there, not the http.. part.  As you drag it somewhere
you'll see some sort of indication where you are going to drop it when
you let go of mouse.   It's a learned feature.

Accidental discovery: you can drag the tab itself to the favorite
menu! I was moving some tags when I accidentally left the mouse cursor
over the menu for a moment. The menu opened! After that, I tried to
drag it to bookmarks menu, it showed me a small line at the position
the bookmark will (I assume it will, but I did not complete that) be

Did you know that? Easier to "point" than those info icons near the
Do you use the sidebar?
I find that easy to use.

No. What side bar? How do I make it appear?

In my two main FF profiles, the only thing that appears in a side of
the window is the menu with more buttons I can add in the address bar.
The fav/hist/... window has a left part, similar to file managers. But
you seem to talk about a different thing.

Try this process:  At the top left of your browser look for File, Edit,
View, etc.


Left click once on "View" you will see a small menu open with some of
the following choices. Toolbars, Sidebar, Zoom, etc.


With the mouse hover over "Sidebar" and a Context Menu will open for you
to select a specific content.  Content like Bookmarks, or History.

There are just 3 choices. These two and "syncronized tabs", which I will search to know what is that.

Left click on your choice and a sidebar will open on the left side of
the browser showing you the content of that selection.  This is
supposed to be where you can drag and drop easily.

Mmmmm... what can I say? Old new things for me! Going to that menu is not needed at all! (I discovered what I will say now by doing it, of course, due your words)

Bookmarks left panel on/off: CTRL+B
History left panel on/off: CTRL+H

Are not these classic shortcuts??? Yes, they are! I never used them in this FF version *only* because they do not appear in the History and Bookmarks menus... I silently concluded that they were gone. (...) What an ugly decision to take them out there!

To drag and drop pages to the left panel, like I wanted to do in the "star button" improved dialog, will be even easier with this panel! And I have already made a great discovery: I can drag the pages from anywhere they are not a link to something/somewhere (which most pages have fairly several).

Thank you very much! That is a much better browser use for me to start 2018 with a great smile, and that will be less than a couple of hours of waiting!

:D :D :D
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