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Re: Firefox: ctrl opens like this, but I *always* want it like this other

Em 31-12-2017 07:56, Big Al escreveu:
On 12/30/2017 11:02 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 31-12-2017 00:48, Big Al escreveu:
On 12/30/2017 08:52 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 30-12-2017 23:37, Big Al escreveu:
On 12/30/2017 07:58 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:

Em 30-12-2017 22:45, Balaco ocalaB escreveu:
Hello. ^,^

This is Firefox ESR 52.2.0.

I have started using FF in this machine not many weeks ago, so I am
still finding some of the favorites I had in another computer.

The way FF gives me the add new favorite dialog (it is not a real
window, like I would prefer) in a really annoying way.

It gives me this:


Which is really annoying because the folders it gives to me as
where to put the new favorite are just a very limited set of all the
folders I have! Where you see "cultura" written in this
screenshot, is
the menu with limited options I am talking about.

The path to happiness here, is *not* to click in this almost dialog
width menu (for its limited options), but we have to click on the
arrow down button to the right of that menu (arrow changes to up
when we
click it). You can see that arrow positioned in the mouse cursor,
the increased and improved dialog when we click on that, in this


My first shot did not show the options I got when click on that
menu. I am lazy to repeat all I already done and uploaded, and will
to write both sets here, so you can compare and (possibly)
understand my
discontent with FF new add favorite dialog:

CTRL+D dialog has:
   "Fav. bar", "Fav. menu", "Other fav", | , "Choose", | ,
   "desenvolvimento", "utils", "programas", "fb"

CTRL+D improved dialog has:
   "Fav. bar", "Fav. menu" >
        [several options, each of my folders in "Fav. Menu" set,
in a
          order that is *not* obvious for me, not alphabetic (as I
          and would choose) and is not recently used or changed
        ] ,
       "Other fav"

The CTRL+D has too few options! I want all of them, could be 50, I
would, at most, want to tolerate scrolling to find each possible

The improved dialog still has a limited height, a bit bigger,
but which still limits how many folders I can see. I wish I could
the height of this dialog, increasing it. (do you know how to?
say it,

My question is: how can I make CTRL+D (or bar's star click) always
the bigger dialog and *never* the first and smaller dialog? The
is *not* to change the dialog to the bigger one and add/change one
favorite - the smaller will be the shown one in the next CTRL+D.

My second question, of smaller importance, but with equal value if
is an answer, is: can I just throw away the not-a-window dialog of
CTRL+D and make that shortcut bring a window with all possible
where I can choose one to add the current page as a favorite?

The menu "Favorites" > "Show favorites" does *not* answer the second
question because it has no easy way (or I did not see that) to
add the
current page in one of the folders there. Further, the window shown
that menu item mixes: history, downloads, tags and favorites in
only one
window! I want something just for the favorites (and indirectly
tags), and nothing else. Downloads and history are very far and
unrelated things, even between themselves. This window (from menu
fav>showFav) is something really disappointing in FF.

I reread everything, but I miss something in the subject! GRRRRRR...

"ctrl" should have been "ctrl d". The rest should be free of errors.

That's not english but in that screen capture if you drill down in the
cultura box you should have an option to "chose" and that will let you
pick any folder.  I have some 70 folders.

"cultura" is not english, but I have put the "Choose" menu in the list
I wrote above, for what we get when CTRL+D is pressed. I do not want
to make two extra clicks like you suggest (that is: doing to menu >
choose  > folder > details > done) or one extra click going directly
in the down arrow I showed, that opens what I called "the improved
ctrl+d dialog", which shows all folders. It is exactly the same thing
we get with both paths! I checked this now.

I want that ctrl+d always show that dialog already with all folders
for us. See?

I am imagining that an obscure about:config option+value or extension
can do it.

Yes it is a bunch of clicks, probably why I usually just drag the url to
the folder I want.  Seems more direct, especially the way I have my
bookmarks setup.   Either that or just let it drop into the "other
bookmarks" folder which seems to be the default.   Later in the week
I'll do the house keeping with "show all bookmarks" open so I can easily
move the items to the proper place or kill them.   Usually I'm
bookmarking just for a few days.

I have ~1100 bookmarks so I need to prune more and more.

Uau! This is a lot of bookmarks! I keep some URLs for very specific
uses in text files, in folders related to what they are (something
like that). But even with them together, think I will not be close to
one thousand.

Drag and drop the url is something I wouldn't normally try (or do). I
will experiment it tomorrou, see how it goes...

Mistakes I am so surprised to make, even when I post only after rereading my words: "tomorrou" should have been "tomorrow". That not a typo - hahahaha

You click and hold the very first part of the url bar.  There are all
sorts of icons there, not the http.. part.  As you drag it somewhere
you'll see some sort of indication where you are going to drop it when
you let go of mouse.   It's a learned feature.

Good feature, although very mouse oriented (and I usually will not be using it). I was able to drag the first URL part, which contains the "show site information" icon (a "i" inside a circle and possibly other small icons with meta informations about the shown site) to the "add favorite" star icon I have in the address bar, it will show up (as I say by a simple and quick comparison) the Favorite toolbar. But I can drag it to the menu too, it will be shown. The only strange thing happened with those tries, is that the page will reload itself and add a duplicate visit for the exactly same page if I release the click in the page's body.

I want to do that action (drag the info to the bookmark main menu, drag it to a good folder and choose a good position for it there) using only the keyboard!

And how do I change the bookmarks menu to:

- does *not have* the "recent favorites" section

- have "bookmarks bar" and "other bookmarks" folders all below everything else (I never use them, I want them away or turned off!)

- hide (or also put far away) the "Recent tags" menu

- sort the normal bookmarks (folder names and root positioned ones) in the order: all folders first, and always in alphabetic order, the remaining bookmarks below the folders and also in alphabetic order. (What heck of sorting are they showed... it is a big mess! It is basically the worse that it can be. How do you manage the collection of ~1000 bookmarks with that fact?

... how?
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