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Re: changing eMail hosts

Em 30-12-2017 11:38, Charles Marcus escreveu:

On December 29, 2017 8:34:45 PM EST, T <ToddMargoChester@invalid.invalid> wrote:
On 12/29/2017 08:42 AM, Tanstaafl wrote:
  but if I were doing this for one of
my clients with many users, I'd use ImapSync+MasterUser to sync the
accounts (and there would be a little more care needed).

18 accounts.

ImapSync+MasterUser  ?  Do you have a link?

Will reply with some links later, but...

ImapSync is the program, Master User is how you are able to sync accounts without knowing the user's passwords.

The IMAP server must support Master Users - dovecot does, as does Office365 (I recently migrated 60+ accounts from local dovecot to Office365 this way), so you'll have to Google your situation. I'd be happy to help, but won't have time until Tuesday

There are several other search engines in the world. And the one you seem to use has several problems when you think of privacy issues. It has bubbles of search results which can be make them really different for different users with different searching habits (if they also use it to search the same words you do), and a few more issues.

There are search engines more used in different and big (considerable) parts of the whole word. And there is at least one search engine that will respect the privacy of users as one basic thing of its characteristcs, or principles. That is Duckduckgo.

There is also an open source search engine with fairly good results for a good number of users around the worl: Gigablast. This search engine uses a more efficient way to use the electrical energy, in a way the engine is more scalable (more results per hour or bigger databases with less energy needed for their growth ) than other popular search engines.

In a world full of evidence of global warming and environmental destruction, both by humans, these services may be something good to consider, at least, for majority of searches we usually make.
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