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Re: Firefox 45.9 ESFR Continues to install new version.

On 29/12/17 04:48, Michael Gordon wrote:
Hello fellow Firefox Users,


Now, every time I load Firefox onto the computer (start Firefox) it
tries to download a new version and I have to manually stop the download.

I have Tools > Options > Advanced > Update set to never check for updates.
I have searched About:Config for the Update settings and values and
everything I can find indicate updates it should not be downloading.

After 21 years of using Netscape/'Mozilla products is it time to throw
in the towel and submit to Microsoft IE?

Why not try Pale Moon if Firefox is giving you problems? It's effectively a pre-FF 57 version (although there are some differences and some extensions it can't run).

Any suggestions?

What happens if you manually set Firefox.exe (or whatever it is called) to read-only? Does the updating process fail because the updater is not allowed to change the file?

Thanks for your ideas and solutions.

Michael Gordon


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