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Re: changing eMail hosts

On 12/29/17 11:49 PM, Disaster Master wrote:
On 12/29/2017, 5:38:18 PM, dillinger <dillinger@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Actually, it is two-way,

<sigh> no, it isn't...

but the server side always wins, unless you actively add something
while online.
If you 'add' something to a folder in your IMAP account, you're adding
it to the SERVER. The client then properly reflects what you added.

So, if you copy a message from your local folders account to an IMAP
account, it will not be deleted.
Trying to figure out what your point is...

If you point your account to a new, empty server, everything will be
It will sync with the server as I've been saying, yes.

Define sync.
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