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Re: Firefox 52.2.0 ESR: why 2 profiles of the FF install have different values for extensions.ui.lastCategory setting?

On 12/29/2017 08:35 AM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
I installed Firefox version 52.2.0, and have two profiles with a few
very different settings. The add-ons are shared, of course. And the
add-on related settings should be equal for both profiles.

Comparing a few settings between the two profiles using about:config , I
found a setting with 2 different values, and I do not understand the
reason for that. As I said, the add-on settings for all my profiles
should be the same.

The setting which differ in these 2 profiles is:


And the two values I have in each are




What those two values mean? And (if possible to say that) how do they
change to those values? I think both were not a manual editing of

Those values are whatever you are/were looking at in Add-ons Manager.

I have about:config open in one tab, and Add-ons Manager in another tab. The about:config value changes as soon as I look somewhere else in Add-ons Manager.
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