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Re: Thunderbird: how to create a filter to work *only* in starred messages?

Em 29-12-2017 14:41, WaltS48 escreveu:
Search the official Thunderbird Support site for how to use filters.
Maybe you will find something there.


I asked that page (using the top "Search Mozilla Support" input) to search for the word "filter" (without quotes). There were 140 results, which I have read one by one in the result list pages. For many of them, I read their longer description below their title. For some of them, I have read the whole story and answers given to it. In the end, I did not find an answer to what I am trying to do.

I am trying to do one of:

a. To create a filter from the menu "Tools > Message filters" to list (or to copy, or move, or do any other possible action - this "detail" not matter, since we can easily change one chosen action to another one, if a new filter with only that action different becomes wanted) ...

Again, to create a filter from the menu "Tools > Message filters" to list all messages, in a specific newsgroup, that are both: 1) starred messages; 2) contain a specific word (to be chosen for the filter, but as an example to use here, it can be the word: proteger) in their body.

b. Use TB's quick filter toolbar to do the same as the filter in 'a.' must do. - Please note: doing it with quick filter for all folders in all accounts of the current TB profile is *not* a solution. That is because I know my search only needs to be done in one specific newsgroup (which seems to be equivalent to email folders, in these TB filter limiters), so I do not want to spend time processing many other places, which may give many unwanted results, for something that I know is in only very specific place.

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