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Re: Firefox 45.9 ESFR Continues to install new version.

On 12/29/2017 04:43 AM, Daniel wrote:

No, Ocalab, Michael should go to mozilla.support.firefox (or its mailing
list) and ask his question there, where reasonable people would expect
all the Firefox experts to hang out.

Sure, it is a moderated group, so it may initially take some time for
the question to appear on the *appropriate* news group .... and then
leave this group for the general, weather/religion/chit-chat posts!!

Of course ... IMHO, of course!! ;-)

Some of us are on permanent moderation status because we indulged in off-topic comments. I have asked questions and provided answers, but both have been delayed up to a day because the moderator obviously can't spend 100% of his time moderating. Since the knowledgeable people read both groups, it's just faster (as well as more pleasant) to ask here.

Cheers, Bev
   "It doesn't get any easier - you just go faster."
			 	   -- Greg Lemond

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