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Re: Thunderbird: how to create a filter to work *only* in starred messages?

Em 29-12-2017 14:41, WaltS48 escreveu:
On 12/29/17 11:24 AM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 29-12-2017 14:01, WaltS48 escreveu:
On 12/29/17 10:49 AM, Ocalab wrote:
No, I think that does not help, Walt. I already knew that filter, and
I have tried to use it. It does not work

Okay. Good luck finding a solution.


Well, I explained how I used that, and detailed what happened. If you
did read it (which I assume you did), I think I did not make anything
wrong there. But, as that quote above here say, it does not work.

Thank you for your attention

Don't make assumptions.

Sometimes I make them. It seems better.

Quick filter works fine to select starred messages, then search the Body
of the message for any words. Once you enter a word in the Search field
Body is the last option for "Filter messages by:".

Yes, I could select all the 77 starred messages I had in this newsgroup (when I made that previous post). After pressing the quick filter button named "with star", I typed something in the "Filter these messages" field, which make a few more buttons appear. I activate the button "Message text", but no message appears. If I clean this field again, the 77 messages are listed again. Seeing them, I can (manually) open one specific message that contains 4 occurrences of the word I typed in the "Filter these messages" field of the quick filter. This is a contradiction, don't you agree with that?

I detailed and showed screenshots of each of the steps I said in the last paragraph, in my message of 15:49 UTC.

If you want the word you are searching for to be highlighted, you have
to find the messages with the word in them using Quick Filter.

I do not need it to be highlight. From the messages currently listed, I want all the messages which contain a specific word in their body, at least one time. And I could not make a filter for that because I do not know how to create a filter (with menu "tools > message filter") that has a rule of starred messages.

Then use the "Find in page" search feature. Launch that by using the key
combination Ctrl+F. Then type the word in the Search field.

I know and knew that. But that works to find a word in one of the messages listed in a specific newsgroup. I want to search a word in all of them. Using a filter seemed the right idea, but I could not make it work, so I asked for help here.

Search the official Thunderbird Support site for how to use filters.
Maybe you will find something there.


I will do that right now. Thank you.

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