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Re: Firefox 45.9 ESFR Continues to install new version.

Em 29-12-2017 13:40, Michael Gordon escreveu:
On 12/29/2017 7:28 AM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 29-12-2017 02:48, Michael Gordon escreveu:
Hello fellow Firefox Users,

I am probably in the wrong place, but this is all I could find.

Last week I had a bit of a problem with Firefox and Office 365 OneDrive
loading thumbnails.  With the help of Office support engineers we were
able to totally destroy Thunderbird and the profile I was using.

When I went to Help and try to figure out what was happening Firefox
began downloading the latest version and I lost all my use full tools,
plugins, bookmarks, and themes.  This new 52.? was totally useless for
my work and caused me to open IE to finish some projects.

I resolved the issue be regressing backward to version 45.9 esr and
creating a user profile by hand.  I now have Firefox working as well as
before with one exception.
Now, every time I load Firefox onto the computer (start Firefox) it
tries to download a new version and I have to manually stop the

I have Tools > Options > Advanced > Update set to never check for
I have searched About:Config for the Update settings and values and
everything I can find indicate updates it should not be downloading.

After 21 years of using Netscape/'Mozilla products is it time to throw
in the towel and submit to Microsoft IE?

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your ideas and solutions.

Michael, I just had a possible idea to justify the "against the
setting" behaviour you have, and I do not have. Although my FF version
is a bit newer than yours, 52.2.0 64bit, but it is not even close to
the lastest updated version possible. Automatic updates are not wanted
by me too. Unless I do them manually, they should not happen, end. And
they did not happen since several months agora, when I did a manual
install of my chosen ESR version.

To the idea. In your computer, in the FF install you are using, are
there other users who use *different profiles* than yours? Is there a
chance that those different users with different profiles choose to
*have* automatic updates enabled in their setting? I do not know what
FF does in that situation (if someone reading this now and knows the
answer, please tell us!).

Anyway, if that is the cause of your problem, what you can do is to
install whatever FF version you want in a folder that will be only
accessed by you (or only by others who will never make updates, never).

What do you say?
I am the only user of this Windows 7 PC, there are no other users
allowed to open and use the PC or FF.  I now have three profiles, one
from years ago, then one from an earlier manual updater, and now this
third which I created manually.

Apparently, at sometime in the very recent past FF downloaded the latest
52.x version before I could kill it.  Now I keep getting the prompt to
install the new version.  Perhaps, if I knew where FF saved the new
downloaded file I could delete it and FF would not see a new potential
version install file.

Oh, that is sad. It was the only explanation I could imagine until now. Since now you have 3 profiles, have you checked in each of them that the "update > off" setting is correct?

Right now, I have searched for the word "update" in my about:config. I found a lot of them. A few of those seem to be more relevant for me:

1. app.update.auto       # which was TRUE for me!! And showed true as
                           the default value. I turned it off to FALSE

2. app.update.enabled    # the STATUS column of this setting says
                           BLOCKED, instead of DEFAULT or MODIFIED
                           which I see for all other settings
                         # probably because it is BLOCKED, I cannot
                           change its status (which is FALSE, I would
                           keep it the same, then)

3. app.update.lastUpdateTime.*
                         # I have 6 settings with these 3 first fields
                           that have status MODIFIED. Updated add-ons?
                           Maybe, I do not know what they do.

4. app.update.log        # is FALSE... I want to change this to true.
                           Where that log is going to be saved?
                           (something that I will try to discover after
                           sending this answer)

5. app.update.url        # its value is long, the domain and path are:
                           which continues with several fields that are
                           probably replaced by values when the URL is
                           used, and the last part is:

6. app.update.url.details # check it!

7. app.update.url.manual  # mmmm... that should be for me! haha The only
                            The only with a simple value:

8. browser.search.update  # that is MODIFIED with value FALSE
                          (my choice, long ago, made somewhere I forgot)

9. extensions.update.enabled  # was set to TRUE, I changed to FALSE now

Now I will check the values of each of those settings values in the other 2 profiles I have. I will not let them be different among them, if that is possible (which is something I imagine, but without certainty).
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