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Re: Thunderbird: how to create a filter to work *only* in starred messages?

Em 28-12-2017 19:08, WaltS48 escreveu:
On 12/28/17 2:17 PM, Ocalab wrote:
TB 45.8.0 (possibly ESR)

Newsgroup account, where some messages are starred by me.

I want:

- to create a filter to search for some text *only* in starred
messages (which are usually much less that all group message, so the
star importance in this filter)

- first thing: filter will be *only* applied manually;

- second: it will *not* be run when new messages are received

- third: applied when *all rules* are satisfied

- 1st rule: the message have a start ... but I could not find that
option! The only options I have are:

     subject, from, date, priority, status,
     to, cc, "to or cc", "from, to, cc or cco",
     "days from date",
     "size(KB)" (this KB is KiB or kB?),
     has attachment(s),
     spam status,
     spam percentage,
     "punctuation origin is...",

How do I make a filter analyse only starred messages?

Use the Quick Filter Toolbar.

See: <https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/quick-filter-toolbar>

No, I think that does not help, Walt. I already knew that filter, and I have tried to use it. It does not work, look what I have done - I repeated it to describe everything below. I wrote with many details what I have done, and also made a few screenshots. In these shots, there are two edits I had to do: 1) I have painted part of TB's left field to hide email account names and their folders, the color is a very dark brown; 2) I did some light blue lines to highlight important parts of each shot, look for them in each image. The dark grey color is the windows' predominant color in my OS theme, so most of the TB windows I shot get those colors in several parts; there is another dark brown color in message bodies, but this is among the colors I chose to make TB use to show all messages (to do that, you may go to menu "Edit" > "Preferences" > "Appearance" tab > "Colors" button > change all 4 colors: my text color is light gray; my background color is dark brown, as you may already have guessed). I also changed TB option in the menu "View" > "Format message as..." > chose "No formatting" (or something similar, I am translating that from the portuguese words I have in my menu to this English I am writing here).

And I said all these details because at some screenshots there are messages being shown. You will see all those colors in them.

1. First, I use that "quick filter bar" to show only starred messages

That works perfectly fine! Now I have 77 messages to look. But I do *not want* to read each of those messages. I want to filter (in any possible way) all the messages that *contain* the word "profile" in their body, from *only* those 77 messages.

    You can see the my starred message list saying it has 77 messages here:

    [ 01 - mozilla.general group - I have 77 starred messages ]

2. Second, lets make this a fair question+answer+try+result conversation. I wrote the word "profile" in that "Filter these messages <Ctrl+Shift+K>" field of the quick filter bar.

*After* writing the word "profile" in that field, a few buttons appeared below that same input field. These buttons are labeled "Filter by", and there are 4 buttons: "From", "To", "Subject", "Message Text".

Each of these 4 buttons have two states: enabled or disabled. I disabled all buttons, and then all 77 messages are shown in the list (again).

After disabling all buttons, with the "profile" word left quiet there, I click the "Message text" button to enable it, since what I want to do is: to search for "profile" word in "Message texts" of all my 77 starred messages. Good?

No. It does *not* work! After clicking to enable that button, no messages are shown in the list anymore! This moment is shown in this other shot:

    [ 02 - mozilla.general group - filter "profile" in bodies ]

And I know that there is one starred message (at least) with the word "profile" in its body, amont those 77 messages. To confirm that this message exist, lets make a few more steps.

I click on the broom icon in the "filter these messages <Ctrl+Shift+K" field (which has the word "profile" now) to clear it and have the 77 messages listed again. After that, I open the message which I know that contains "profile" in its body.

The message, if you want to read it and check, was posted at 2017/11/23 14:18 UTC, by Caver1, with subject "Re: New browser from the devs of Palemoon". Do *not forget* to convert this UTC time to your timezone, so you find the correct message!

After opening the message in the same window, below the list, I make a simple search of the word "profile" in it (ctrl+f, the shortcut). The shot at the moment I manually confirm that the message has "profile" written in it, is show here:

    [ 03a - mozilla.general group - at moment of shot 02, click broom ]

The action for 03a will highlight the word profile in a quoted part of the shown message, which is the first ocurrence in it.

To get to the point the "profile" word is not in a quoted part, I simply click in the "find previous" button, which will show the *last* ocurrence of the "profile" word in the shown message. After doing this click in "find previous", this shot was made:

   [ 03b - mozilla.general group - at the moment of 03a,
     click on "find previous" ]

From the moment in this last shot, I rewrote "profile" in the *quick filter* field where the text "filter these messages <Ctrl+Shift+K>" is shown. What happens when we do that? The message list gets empty again! It should not! The proof was shown! Look at the empty list that followed 03b:

    [ 04 - mozilla.general group - in the moment of 03b, rewrite
      "profile" in the quick filter field, list is empty again ]

One last detail: after I wrote "profile" word again, which caused all 77 messages and the shown message with searched text all being removed from our view, I click in the broom again. And the situation in previous shot, 03a, is shown again. I can play with that cicle several times... the word profile is shown... I write "profile" (without quotes!) in the quick filter field, all messages in the list are gone. And together in these steps, there is a tooltip (also shown in shot 04) that says:

*Search in all folders*
Press "Enter" again to continue searching for: profile

I have tried that too! It will find *only* mail messages in other accounts/folders! But not in the newsgroup message I showed, and a few others in the same newsgroup - they are *not shown* in that ugly white bg the "search all folders" results have. I did not make a shot of that, since it shows my private mail messages in other accounts I use in this TB profile, have the word "profile" - which have a surprising high number.

Conclusion: The problem remains, and I gave up using that "quick filter" to search messages from things written in message bodies. It does not do that. So we are back to the original post's question in this discussion:

How do I create a normal filter rule "message is starred? Yes? Then its body contain this WORD?" ? I do *not* want to search in all folders, in all account, in all [whatever]. The one and only "folder" I want to search is the current newsgroup being listed.

(you may answer the original post, since it is more detailed and complete than this short paragraph version after all the steps of a try to do that filter in another possible path - completely different from what I want to do, and does not seem to work. I want to use the filter we create from menu [ Tools > "Message filters" ].

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