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Re: Firefox 45.9 ESFR Continues to install new version.

Em 29-12-2017 10:43, Daniel escreveu:
Ocalab wrote:
Em 29-12-2017 02:48, Michael Gordon escreveu:
Hello fellow Firefox Users,

I am probably in the wrong place, but this is all I could find.

Hello. (:

You are in mozilla.general newsgroup (or in the mirrored mailing list
for that newsgroup!), which is fine for your question. There is also
the mozilla.support.firefox group, but that is moderated. I had
problems there, here is better. You should find the answer you need
here - as I have done I couple of times. Just be patient.

No, Ocalab, Michael should go to mozilla.support.firefox (or its mailing
list) and ask his question there, where reasonable people would expect
all the Firefox experts to hang out.

Sure, it is a moderated group, so it may initially take some time for
the question to appear on the *appropriate* news group .... and then
leave this group for the general, weather/religion/chit-chat posts!!

Of course ... IMHO, of course!! ;-)

You are not wrong. But I am not really wrong also! I am pretty sure an answer for his inquiry will appear here soon (if it is not already there, since Walt just posted something, I just have not read it yet).

General chit chat... sure. But not that useful things cannot exist here. I have started a few with very good endings! Useful things! So that of "no useful can exist here" is faaaaaaar away from truth. No big restrictions, and no problems - since there is a general good sense and mutual respect among everyone. I like that way of things to exist.


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