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Re: Firefox 45.9 ESFR Continues to install new version.

On 12/28/17 11:48 PM, Michael Gordon wrote:
Hello fellow Firefox Users,

I am probably in the wrong place, but this is all I could find.

Last week I had a bit of a problem with Firefox and Office 365 OneDrive loading thumbnails.  With the help of Office support engineers we were able to totally destroy Thunderbird and the profile I was using.

When I went to Help and try to figure out what was happening Firefox began downloading the latest version and I lost all my use full tools, plugins, bookmarks, and themes.  This new 52.? was totally useless for my work and caused me to open IE to finish some projects.

I resolved the issue be regressing backward to version 45.9 esr and creating a user profile by hand.  I now have Firefox working as well as before with one exception. Now, every time I load Firefox onto the computer (start Firefox) it tries to download a new version and I have to manually stop the download.

I have Tools > Options > Advanced > Update set to never check for updates.
I have searched About:Config for the Update settings and values and everything I can find indicate updates it should not be downloading.

After 21 years of using Netscape/'Mozilla products is it time to throw in the towel and submit to Microsoft IE?

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your ideas and solutions.

Michael Gordon

Let the software update to the current version that will have many bug and security fixes.

Updates don't normally cause the loss of extensions, plugins, bookmarks and themes.

Those you should be able to restore from your backed up profile. You do have one? Just copy it over to the broken one.

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