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Re: Firefox: It was around here! Please refresh my memory! I want to do that again!

Em 28-12-2017 18:34, Caver1 escreveu:
On 12/28/2017 02:01 PM, Ocalab wrote:
Hello, people,

I discovered that something very good I did in one FF profile I use ,
but not in the other. (I have more than 2 profiles, and usually there is
more than one opened at the same time) I am almost 100% sure that the
key to the behaviour I want is changing some setting (possibly just one,
but not sure) in about:config.

The behaviour I want is: when I click in a link holding the ctrl key,
the new tab will *not* get focus immediately (that is FF's default). I
may continue to read the page where the link is while the new tab loads
or I am not satisfied with what I read. To focus the new tab is a simple
"ctrl+tab" ahead (as if it was focused just before the current tab got
focus, which is great for me).

What setting(s) do I change to get that behaviour, in that other
profile? I could not find where that was by the starred posts I have
here (but maybe I did not star it, my mistake, forgot, ...). May you
refresh my memory or (simply) tell me how to do that?

These about:config changes + consequences are so hard to find! I will
write all I like and ever use in a personal collection (stored in a
simple text file in some draft email) from now on. This will be the
first one there!


Menu> Help> Troubleshooting Information
Scroll down until you find >  Important Modified Preferences
These are all of the about:config changes you made.

That is a very nice thing to know, and I never even imagined it could exist!

The changed setting is not in my first profile, but only the second one. So what I thought was the default, is actually what the correct profile has.

Thank you very much!

So I found it. The direct answer to what I originally asked (also quoted above here) is:

about:config   browser.tabs.loadInBackground

which is set to 'true' or 'false'
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