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Firefox 45.9 ESFR Continues to install new version.

Hello fellow Firefox Users,

I am probably in the wrong place, but this is all I could find.

Last week I had a bit of a problem with Firefox and Office 365 OneDrive loading thumbnails. With the help of Office support engineers we were able to totally destroy Thunderbird and the profile I was using.

When I went to Help and try to figure out what was happening Firefox began downloading the latest version and I lost all my use full tools, plugins, bookmarks, and themes. This new 52.? was totally useless for my work and caused me to open IE to finish some projects.

I resolved the issue be regressing backward to version 45.9 esr and creating a user profile by hand. I now have Firefox working as well as before with one exception. Now, every time I load Firefox onto the computer (start Firefox) it tries to download a new version and I have to manually stop the download.

I have Tools > Options > Advanced > Update set to never check for updates.
I have searched About:Config for the Update settings and values and everything I can find indicate updates it should not be downloading.

After 21 years of using Netscape/'Mozilla products is it time to throw in the towel and submit to Microsoft IE?

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your ideas and solutions.

Michael Gordon

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