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Re: changing eMail hosts

On 12/28/17 11:22 AM, Ed Mullen wrote:
On 12/28/2017 at 11:05 AM, Disaster Master created this epitome of digital genius:
On 12/27/2017, 8:21:16 PM, T <ToddMargoChester@invalid.invalid> wrote:
On 12/27/2017 09:40 AM, dillinger wrote:
You realize that Thunderbirds local cache of IMAP messages is not a
backup, it will happily delete all messages if you replace the server
with a new (empty) server.

Last time I did this, Thunderbird did update everything back to the server.

No, it didn't, that would be impossible without user intervention.

Your account was likely set up as a POP3 account, so the messages were
stored locally, not on the server.

In his second post he said it was IMAP.

So everything would still be on the server AIUI.

Unless the account setting for POP3 was to "Leave messages on server", "For at most xx days", or "Until I delete them" was enabled.

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