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Re: Thunderbird Will Phase out Legacy Add-Ons, Will Support WebExtensions

On 12/28/2017 12:30 AM, Ocalab wrote:
Em 28-12-2017 06:44, Desiree escreveu:
On 12/27/2017 4:30 AM, Ocalab wrote:
Em 27-12-2017 12:12, Desiree escreveu:
On 12/27/2017 12:10 AM, Ocalab wrote:
Em 27-12-2017 07:56, Desiree escreveu:
On 12/26/2017 8:45 PM, Desiree wrote:
On 12/26/2017 7:04 AM, Caver1 wrote:
On 12/26/17 11:59 AM, Ocalab wrote:
Em 26-12-2017 14:39, WaltS48 escreveu:
On 12/26/17 11:19 AM, Caver1 wrote:

Page not Found.


As said in that page, that is something bad. It just means I will
a good number of months from now) have to also change my most used
favorite mail manager (as it is already happening with one of my
favorite browsers). Choices do not lack, and I think that projects
similar to what Mate Desktop is for Gnome will be created, if they
already exist - and if the FF derivatives that already exist are
equivalent in "FF world".

Sad, Mozilla. Very sad news for Thunderbird too.

Will ahve to wait and see what TB WebExtensions will be available.
Also you will still be able to change the looks with chrome.

I just installed the beta from Portable Apps.  I can't use it.  It
the same problem that TB 52.5.2 had for the past couple of months
I finally solved it a few days ago by forcing directwrite in

In this beta version, the screen will not paint so I can't access the
config editor to fix it!  It is worse than TB 52 as my mouse
cannot get
it to paint the page ...just little tiny bits strewn about on a black
page.  I'm going to try again but I am not hopeful.

I finally got the screen to paint enough so I could get into Options
where I checked Use hardware Acceleration and into the config editor
where I forced directwrite and instantly everything was fine.  No more
problems with painting the screen.

Desiree, you said this:

I finally solved it a few days ago by forcing directwrite in

Desiree, please share with use which exact setting you are changing,
to which value. There are maaaaaaany many many settings in
we will not search and check each and all of them. That would take too
much time! Further, there are settings that *may exist* in
but we need to put it there, or they will not be shown!

This detail is important to be shared, and may help other users to fix
the same issues you are fixing with this change. Others have asked you
this several days ago, and now you have made more two messages, but you
still treat your steps as something to hide from other users. Please
share more with us.

Sorry.  I only saw one comment about how I just didn't know how to use
Thunderbird.  If others asked about this then I didn't get those
messages.  I wasn't trying to be "coy".

I commented to an IT friend who knows a lot about Thunderbird and he
said my problem sounded a lot like the active, 3 year old thread at
Bugzilla in regards to Firefox.  So, I read the very long thread and
carefully examined all posted screenshots.

I don't have a problem with Fx 52.5.2 ESR but a similar one in
Thunderbird 52.5.2.  My video card nVidia GForce GTX 660 on Windows 8
Pro had at one time been blacklisted by Mozilla and quite a few in the
Fx bugzilla thread had this same video card so, based on comments in
that thread, I opened the Config Editor in Thunderbird and  set
"gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.force-enabled;true."  That fixed that
awful problem instantly in TB 52.5.2 and the even worse painting problem
in TB 58 beta.  It was like turning on a lightbulb.  All other gfx.font
entries in about:config are at default.  I changed only that one.
Hardware acceleration was already on in Options in TB 52.5.2 but was off
by default (why I don't know) in TB 58 Beta so I had to check the box in
Options to use it and then force directwrite in about:config.

I read a comment (found by DDG search) in the Mozilla help forum that
said if you have to force directwrite as I did that likely indicates
that at one time Mozilla turned OFF by force hardware acceleration for
Fx (in my case Thunderbird)  due to instability of the video card with
Fx (and TB).

A new Windows 10 Pro computer is being delivered tomorrow.  I have not
used Windows 10 before so it will be awhile before I set up TB on it but
it will be interesting to see if I have the painting problem in Windows
10 also.  It has a nVidia GeForce GTX 1070 card.

I also noted that Thunderbird is now MUCH FASTER so if Hardware
acceleration is turned off in Thunderbird it really pays off to get to
the bottom of the problem and fix it.

Great message! Now I consider everything you did (or can do) much more
clearer. And I may even come back to your post if I ever encounter
problems with Mozilla programs and paiting/drawing/graphical issues.

Coy? My English, which was learned as a second language, did not know
what "being coy" was. But it is nothing that a good dictionary could not
help me:


Good that being a coy was not something you aimed or wanted to do.

Thank you very much for these clarifications.

You're welcome!  You have excellent English and I would not have thought
it was a second language.  I was thinking of "coy" as shy or modest but
in an insincere way.

Wow! An opinion like that about my English is a bit surprising! Good to
know that, make my currently starting morning a bit more... happy! haha

About the slightly different idea of what you intended when saying coy,
I think it is close enough to the meanings in that dictionary page (that
varies considerably, if you have read it). Due our context here, the way
I understood your words was close to your idea. What you said confirms
and completes it. We are fine, IMHO.

Anyway, in any language will happen the same: ironies (and there are
good ones too!), jokes, plays, confusions, unexpect cultural
backgrounds, ... lets be humans, there is no problem in that. English,
due its de facto situation of cultures mixing and centralizing things
with it, inherits (and sometimes almost invisibly, pretty smoothly) many
things. French origin words in several other languages (including my
mother one, of course!), there are some words I learned in English years
ago, for that it would be my guessed origin for them... but French and
Italian origined ones exist in English too, give us nice examples of how
tricky is to us (normal people, we do not study many things about any
language!) guessing the origin of a word. Want pizza? Obvious one,
Italian. Pasta? Comes from Italian for us, but it actually comes from
Greek! https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/pasta#English In other languages
the meanings of this word are sometimes totally different. "Uma pasta"
is "a folder" for me.

There is a game, igo (Jap), go (Eng), which existed in Eastern cultures
for *at least* pretty more than 4000 thousand years! That is pretty
impressive, there is no way. But there is. Comes from China's history
things, which we always (at least me) heard about. I play it on IGS,
which is the older Japanese server for realtime games of igo. This
server exists for a bit more than 20 years! I barely know any Japanese,
Chinese, Taiwanese, or ... any Eastern language, but I know English, as
several other players in *this* server do. Cultural mix! I have made
French, German, Venezuelan, and a few other distant friends there... our
way to talk/share/show to each other? "Englishied-mother-languages" (got
what I meant here?), and it happens very smoothly, as I said above.
Well... some care with ourselves and our cultures may get importance
sometimes. But overall I think the ideas mixing are good.

Oh, I write a lot... sorry... just a kind of venting... hehehe

I understand. Maybe better than you think. I grew up in the southern part of the USA mainland. But I have lived in Hawaii for 40 something years. We have many cultures and ethnic groups here. No one group is a majority. We are all minorities. Hawaii is a melting pot. Historically, pidgin developed here so that people with different mother tongues could talk to each other.

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