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Re: Thunderbird Will Phase out Legacy Add-Ons, Will Support WebExtensions

On 12/26/2017 8:45 PM, Desiree wrote:
On 12/26/2017 7:04 AM, Caver1 wrote:
On 12/26/17 11:59 AM, Ocalab wrote:
Em 26-12-2017 14:39, WaltS48 escreveu:
On 12/26/17 11:19 AM, Caver1 wrote:

Page not Found.


As said in that page, that is something bad. It just means I will (after
a good number of months from now) have to also change my most used and
favorite mail manager (as it is already happening with one of my
favorite browsers). Choices do not lack, and I think that projects
similar to what Mate Desktop is for Gnome will be created, if they not
already exist - and if the FF derivatives that already exist are not yet
equivalent in "FF world".

Sad, Mozilla. Very sad news for Thunderbird too.

Will ahve to wait and see what TB WebExtensions will be available.
Also you will still be able to change the looks with chrome.

I just installed the beta from Portable Apps.  I can't use it.  It has
the same problem that TB 52.5.2 had for the past couple of months until
I finally solved it a few days ago by forcing directwrite in about:config.

In this beta version, the screen will not paint so I can't access the
config editor to fix it!  It is worse than TB 52 as my mouse cannot get
it to paint the page ...just little tiny bits strewn about on a black
page.  I'm going to try again but I am not hopeful.

I finally got the screen to paint enough so I could get into Options where I checked Use hardware Acceleration and into the config editor where I forced directwrite and instantly everything was fine. No more problems with painting the screen.
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