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Re: Thunderbird Will Phase out Legacy Add-Ons, Will Support WebExtensions

Em 26-12-2017 15:37, Big Al escreveu:
On 12/26/2017 11:19 AM, Caver1 wrote:

I read a post/blog a week or so ago that said Mozilla was going to adopt
the new webextensions but also leave support for legacy.   Contrary to
this news article.

I'm hoping for the 'keep support for legacy' at least for a year or so.

But I agree with the 'there goes thunderbird' idea since webextensions
make it much harder if not impossible to modify the program as much as
legacy add-ons did.  So much more complex add-ons will die a sure death.

If we keep using the best versions (for each of us) of programs, even though they may not be the most recent versions available, two things may happen:

1. A new project is derived from that version(s) we chose, and it will be maintained for security and some eventual service updates (I am talking about protocol and mail servers requirements that may change, although that is fairly rare, usually taking several years to happen, if at all).

2. Mozilla F. (or whatever represents FF, TB and other projects development) will step back with their unwelcomed decisions.

I believe in both things as probable and feasible facts that may happen with most open source projects, like Firefox and Thunderbird are.

The power of source.

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