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Re: new Windows 10 update?

On 12/23/2017 11:12 AM On a whim, Frank pounded out on the keyboard

On 12/23/2017 1:39 PM, Terry wrote:
On 12/22/2017 10:07 AM On a whim, Frank pounded out on the keyboard

On 12/21/2017 8:01 PM, Frank wrote:
On 12/21/2017 7:51 PM, Terry wrote:
On 12/21/2017 5:11 AM On a whim, Frank pounded out on the keyboard

MS pestering to make some sort of change with apps and the like that
takes some time to do.  I turned it off and thought I'd ask here if
others have done it and whether or not it is worth it.

What version of 10 are you running? The Fall Creators update 1709 is
the most current. Each build update is like a Service Pack update of
Windows as we used to know it.  So in those updates, features are
added and internal changes are done. Those are twice a year. In
between those are just security patches.

It's 1703.  Guess next time they ask I'll let them do it.
Did the update.  Took 2.5 hours.  Does nothing extra I want.  I was
confused between the standard security one which happens frequently and
this one.  Nice to learn new things.
Since Windows 10 is the "last Windows version", all upgrades will be
applied using the Feature Updates. On most machines I admin, the update
took about an hour. I've liked some features (like being able to turn
off Background Apps with one slider button instead of having to check
each one individually, since I turn ALL of them off on user machines).
Others, like you found, really don't matter much.

I don't use 90% of their aps and don't have a microphone or camera on my
pc so I turn off most of their stuff.  MS is a PITA in wanting to embed
themselves into our lives.

They are really working to integrate cell/tablet and computer together, so the apps and a lot of features are related to that. If you don't use them, turn them off, and will save unnecessary resources being sucked up.

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