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Re: A New Future for Thunderbird

Em 24-12-2017 12:00, Desiree escreveu:
On 12/16/2017 7:47 AM, Tanstaafl wrote:
On 12/16/2017, 5:46:46 AM, Desiree <melelina@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yes, and rightly so as Mozilla is violating the ADA (and even worse
violations for those who are blind).

The ADA is just more unconstitutional government overreach - as is 95%
of what the federal government does these days.

By all means, use all the social pressure you want, but there is NO
Constitutionally delegated authority for this kind of government

I require Windowblinds in order to use a computer with Windows 8 or

Microsoft is also to blame as the same monitor used with XP Pro gives
black font but on Windows 8 and 10 it can only provide gray font.
This is problem for many who use desktops with Windows 8/10.
Or its a DRIVER problem (almost certainly).

Get a newer computer with supported hardware, or stop whining.

Err???  The problem with gray font instead of black is in Windows 8 AND
10.  Only  Microsoft can fix the problem and they acknowledge the
problem but say they will never fix it.  So I don't know what you mean
by "supported hardware".  It's a SOFTWARE problem.

But good news is that I got the screen painting problem FIXED after
reading that extremely long bugzilla thread (going on three years now
but still a VERY active bug) regarding the same sort of issue in
Firefox.  I had to change a DEFAULT Thunderbird 52.5 setting in
about:config from FALSE to user set TRUE.  Instant fix.

Please say which setting you changed! It may help many others, without needing them to read and search all you did.
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