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Re: OT: Outlook and Save to drafts

On 12/20/2017 11:09 AM, Ed Mullen wrote:
Tools - Options - Preferences tab - Email Options - Advanced Email Options - Autosave itmes ...

Hi Ed,

He was set to autosave every three minutes.  The customer
told me his former IT employee had watched him crash
and have to retype everything for two years and never
said anything to him.  I was the first that told him how
he could dig his lost letters out of Drafts.

You made me a hero.  Thank you!

What transpired was

1) I removed him from wireless and a lot of networking
   issue he had vanished.

2) I created a gMail account and installed it in his
   Outlook next to his regular eMail account.  Then
   showed him how he could send three time the verbiage
   instantly without any time outs.  Test after test
   after test ...

Since he is having the same issue with timeouts in
three separate facilities in two different USA states
on three different models of computers, and compounding
how fast gMail went, it was pretty obvious that it was
his eMail host.

Thank you all for the help and tips!


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