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Re: Xmarks addon considers Firefox to be Google Chrome

Dne 21/12/2017 v 13:20 Luis napsal(a):
> Poutnik wrote:
>> I have recently realized that Xmarks addon,
>> based on WE, considers the Firefox to be the Google Chrome.
>> FF is listed this way in the list of device-browser combos
>> in the Open Tabs tool in my.xmarks.com.
>> Quite funny, taking in the account rumours in last year or so,
>> that the Firefox slowly becomes Google Chrome.
> Unfortunately, it is not just a rumor. The article "The future of
> Firefox is … Chrome" is dated April 2016:
> https://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/04/11/future_of_firefox_is_chrome/

I am aware of the engine, but I had in mind
the frontend and the user experience.


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