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Re: Early returns on Firefox Quantum 57

On 12/17/2017 7:57 PM On a whim, WaltS48 pounded out on the keyboard

On 12/17/17 4:58 PM, Terry wrote:
On 12/16/2017 5:01 PM On a whim, WaltS48 pounded out on the keyboard

On 12/16/17 4:58 PM, Terry wrote:
On 12/15/2017 5:12 PM On a whim, WaltS48 pounded out on the keyboard

On 12/15/17 7:32 PM, Terry wrote:
On 12/12/2017 8:17 AM On a whim, WaltS48 pounded out on the keyboard

It appears things are looking good.

In less than a month, Firefox Quantum has already been installed by
over 170M people around the world. We’re just getting started and
early returns are super encouraging.

More users coming from Chrome. Mobile is growing and more.

Yes, by "auto-update", meaning those computers already had FF

Care to hear the "other" side of Mozilla's fake news?

I've been inundated by users who continue to write in to the Mozilla
webmaster email. They're making a last ditch effort to contact someone
because they've had it.

Sure I'll hear the other sides fake news. Now that all news is fake, we
should stop following news.

Thanks for the read.

I'm sure Firefox is losing some users, gaining some users and so are
Chrome, IE, Opera, SeaMonkey and all the other browsers.

The universe is in constant change.

Yes, so don't report erroneous "170 million installs", which is a crock.
I didn't report that, just quoted the blog post.

So I suggest if you're going to quote anything, use quotes around it, so
readers know you're quoting...

I used Paste as Quotation and almost always do that. Not my problem how
your email client displays messages.

PaQ won't put quotes around a paste. I use TB and what you typed still wasn't a quote.

Take it up with your fellow Mozilla co-worker that wrote it.

Not associated with them.

A Mozilla webmaster doesn't work at Mozilla. I always thought you were
blowing smoke and making things up. Thanks for the proof.

I never said I was the webmaster. Please cite where I said that, EVER. What I have said is I ANSWER all the email sent to webmaster. And I approve or reject all possible spam.

Don't be rude just because you misunderstood something.
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