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Re: Ping: David E. Ross Re: PrefBar check boxes.

On 12/21/17 5:50 PM, David E. Ross wrote:
On 12/21/2017 10:00 AM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 12/21/17 12:52 PM, David E. Ross wrote:
At least four of the SeaMonkey extensions restore
capabilities that the Mozilla developers decided users did not want,
despite user complaints that they were indeed wanted.

What are they and how many users complained out of the 60% that use

I installed the following merely to restore lost capabilities:
* Add-ons Manager - Version Number
* Expire history by days
* Find Preferences
* Old Default Image Style
plus the PrefBar item Permissions Menu

Well, I know Preferences/Options now have a "Find in Preferences" Search Bar in Firefox. Maybe SeaMonkey Next will adopt it. It's not in Thunderbird 59.0a1.

The tooltip gives me the extensions version number.

I used to Delete all History, but just tell Firefox to "Forget About This Site", for ones I visit from newsgroup links or other links.

Not sure what the Old Default Image Style was. The extension isn't compatible with my SeaMonkey.

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