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Re: Ping: David E. Ross Re: PrefBar check boxes.

On 12/21/2017 8:00 AM, jetjock wrote:
> David E. Ross wrote:
>> On 12/17/2017 3:15 PM, jetjock wrote:
>>> David,
>>>   I searched your Website for the answer to this with no luck, so will 
>>> try here. I found a post from you on 3/6/15 in Google Groups in which 
>>> you stated:
>>> "HTML5 media are not Flash and are thus independent of Flash.
>>> PrefBar is a browser extension. I don't like PrefBar's inherent Flash
>>> blocking capability since it allows the Flash content file to download
>>> and then renames the content file. Instead, I created a PrefBar
>>> checkbox that enables or disables the Flashblock extension. I created a
>>> separate PrefBar checkbox that enables or disables Gecko's HTML5 media
>>> capability."
>>> The pertinent part of which is the last sentence. At some point you must 
>>> have shared info on how you did that, as I have those check boxes in my 
>>> PrefBar. I am now setting up a new machine for my wife, and would like 
>>> to add those boxes to her PrefBar, but I can't find how I did it 
>>> anywhere. Would you be kind enough to help out again? Many thanks.
>> NOTE WELL:  None of the following works for Firefox with Webextensions.
>> This only applies if your browser still accepts .xpi extensions.
>> For the PrebBar checkboxes that I use, you must first install the
>> Flashblock extension from <http://flashblock.mozdev.org/>.  Note that
>> there are separate versions for Firefox and SeaMonkey.  To have separate
>> controls for Flash and HTML5 Media, the options for Flashblock must have
>> the checkbox for "Block HTML5 video as well" unchecked on the General tab.
>> If you already have the two checkboxes for Flashblock and HTML5 Media:
>> 1.  On your own PC, right-click on the PrefBar tool bar in your browser
>> and select Customize PrefBar from the pull-down context menu.
>> 2.  On the PrefBar window, locate the checkbox for enabling and
>> disabling FlashBlock, right-click on it, and select Export from the
>> pull-down context menu.
>> 3.  In the Export Buttons to File navigation window, navigate to where
>> you want to save the button and select the Save button.
>> 4.  With the PrefBar window still open, repeat steps #2 and #3 for the
>> HTML5 Media checkbox.
>> 5.  Transfer the two .btn files to your wife's PC.
>> 6.  On your wife's PC, right-click on the PrefBar tool bar in her
>> browser and select Customize PrefBar from the pull-down context menu.
>> 7.  On the PrefBar window, under either Available Items or Enabled Items
>> (whichever is appropriate), right-click any place, and select Import
>> from the pull-down context menu.
>> 8.  In the Import Buttons from File navigation window, navigate to where
>> you saved the Flashblock checkbox .btn file, select it, and select the
>> Open button.
>> 9.  With the PrefBar window still open, repeat step #8 for the HTML5
>> Media .btn file.
>> 10.  ith the PrefBar window still open, drag and drop each checkbox to
>> where your wife wants them on her PrefBar tool bar.
>> NOTE:  If you have trouble locating the checkboxes on your own PC,
>> right-click on a suspected item and select Edit from the pull-down
>> context menu.
>> a.  The Flashblock checkbox has Prefstring flashblock.enabled.
>> b.  The HTML5 Media checkbox has Prefstring media.autoplay.enabled.
> Many thanks, David. I finally had time to get to this and it worked 
> great! Maybe you could make the buttons(and any others you feel are 
> useful) available on your Website?

Most of the PrefBar buttons, checkboxes, etc that I created I provided
to the PrefBar Web site at <http://prefbar.tuxfamily.org/buttons.html>.
However, PrefBar as we know it is no longer being maintained because of
the change of Firefox to using Webextension; this include the PrefBar
Web site, which still exists but is only being updated relative to
Webextensions.  Also, a few of the items I created were so specialized
that I felt they were not of general interest; so I did not send them to
the PrefBar Web site.

If you are using SeaMonkey, let me know.  If you are indeed using
SeaMonkey, I will try to create a page on my Web site that provides
those PrefBar items that I created but kept private.

Note that I plan to stop updating SeaMonkey and Thunderbird when they
are forced to follow Firefox into Webextensions, at least until the 28
SeaMonkey extensions and 15 Thunderbird that I installed have
equivalents either inherent in the vanilla applications or
Webextensions.  At least four of the SeaMonkey extensions restore
capabilities that the Mozilla developers decided users did not want,
despite user complaints that they were indeed wanted.

David E. Ross

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