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Re: new Windows 10 update?

Em 21-12-2017 12:07, Frank escreveu:
They have an extremely annoying ad on
Minesweeper that you cannot avoid, you can turn the sound off but have
to let it run a couple of minutes as if you shut it off it comes back if
you try to play Minesweeper.

I can only laugh at this: "Ads in the Minesweeper". What keeps you using Windows instead of moving, possibly permanently (like I did several years ago) to one of the miriad of linux distributions?

I have worked in a couple of places where I needed **indows to reproduce and repeat problems pointed by a few clients. In my computer there, I had a virtual machine for that, nothing beyound.

Hey, I have a gift for you:

Explore the page http://www.oldversion.com/games/mine-sweeper-xp-6-1

Brake your cuffs!

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