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Re: new Windows 10 update?

On 12/21/2017 8:40 AM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 12/21/17 8:11 AM, Frank wrote:
MS pestering to make some sort of change with apps and the like that takes some time to do.  I turned it off and thought I'd ask here if others have done it and whether or not it is worth it.


Haven't received any update notices since the last Patch Tuesday. Only get virus definition updates, but I only check my Windows notebook 3 times a week.

What changes? The Microsoft Store reliability update, the AMD legacy card display issue update or other?

They don't say. I do their regular updates and question this one as maybe not needed for security. I know they are very annoying in trying to wring more money from us. They have an extremely annoying ad on Minesweeper that you cannot avoid, you can turn the sound off but have to let it run a couple of minutes as if you shut it off it comes back if you try to play Minesweeper.
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