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OT: Outlook and Save to drafts

Hi All,

Please suffer an off topic question.  I am writing
here as I know you guys know the answer.

I am going to see an Outlook-o-holic in a couple of
hours.  He crashes a lot (Quelle surprise!) while
he is typing up new messages.  And he is really mad
about it too.

Does Outlook have a "save" button, as does Thunderbird,
Or is he stuck with re-writing each letter?

Many thanks,

His eMail provider is DreamHost" a web hosting
company, with a free eMail account.  Web hosting
eMail services universally suck.

I am thinking of doing a dual Thunderbird installation
to see if it reacts any better.

Well, after I get him to stop using Wireless in a corporate
setting.  He can't even reliably print to his network
printers.  I popped his Ethernet cord out of his IP
phone and that fixed that, but he wanted his phone back.
Turn out his IP phone has an Ethernet pass through, so
that I will try next.

Then maybe tell him to move his eMail host to the
dark side (gmail).
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