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Ping: David E. Ross Re: PrefBar check boxes.


I searched your Website for the answer to this with no luck, so will try here. I found a post from you on 3/6/15 in Google Groups in which you stated:

"HTML5 media are not Flash and are thus independent of Flash.

PrefBar is a browser extension. I don't like PrefBar's inherent Flash
blocking capability since it allows the Flash content file to download
and then renames the content file. Instead, I created a PrefBar
checkbox that enables or disables the Flashblock extension. I created a
separate PrefBar checkbox that enables or disables Gecko's HTML5 media

The pertinent part of which is the last sentence. At some point you must have shared info on how you did that, as I have those check boxes in my PrefBar. I am now setting up a new machine for my wife, and would like to add those boxes to her PrefBar, but I can't find how I did it anywhere. Would you be kind enough to help out again? Many thanks.

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